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Tips for Multigenerational Living

A multigenerational household can be a wonderful experience for all involved. With ample time to learn and share with one another, this living arrangement is sure to bring lots of joys and smiles. However, it is also sure to bring its challenges. As in any family, the closeness of living space may result in arguments […]


Not Just Bingo: Fun Activities For Senior Citizens

  The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when imagining activities for senior citizens is bingo. While fun, it can get old after a few sessions. There are many, many other activities that are enjoyable and interesting for senior citizens. Here are some of our top picks: Community College Courses Many senior citizens […]


3 Benefits of Senior Transportation Services

  Many seniors find their limited mobility frustrating and depressing. Once active and engaged members of the community may find themselves experiencing deteriorating health, aches and pains, or a loss of vision or hearing that makes it unsafe for them to drive. Many also struggle with feeling that they are a burden to others when […]


Senior Summer Activities and Health Benefits

Summer months offer warmth, sunlight and blooming flowers, making the idea of spending some time outdoors attractive for seniors. For those who need to avoid the heat, there are also many indoor and cooler options appropriate for enjoying the summer. Some of our top picks and recommendations are: Swimming This activity allows seniors to get […]

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10 Self Care Tips for Caregivers

As a caregiver, it is easy to neglect your own needs. Caregivers deal with a plethora of challenging situations. At the end of the day, caring for yourself is last on your to-do list. However, practicing self-care as a caregiver is essential to your own health and wellness. Here are some tips: Eat a balanced […]