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For children, the stages of life can be confusing, especially when faced with a major transition such as a loved one moving into a senior living facility. However, you can help children manage the change with helpful conversations and continued contact with their grandparents or other loved ones. Here are some ideas.

Stages of Life

Look for books that explain how our bodies get weaker as we grow older. You may also consider using “stages of life” cards when discussing this with young children that show babies, children, adults, and senior citizens. Have your child place each of the cards in order. Explain that as bodies get older and tired, sometimes people need help from nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. This can help children understand the need for the professional care offered at a senior living community.

Discuss Visits, Cards, and Interactions

Focus on the positive. They can still visit their grandparents often and enjoy a lot of the same activities even if their loved one no longer lives in the same house. Encourage children to think of creative ways to interact such as sending cards or calling on the phone.

Validate Their Feelings

However your child feels about this transition, be it sadness, anger, or another feeling, is okay. Tell your child that you understand and that sometimes life is difficult. With time, your child will adjust to the change. In the meantime, give them the space to feel whatever they’re feeling and try to give them as many opportunities as possible to interact with their loved one.

Services such as those offered by transParent Concierge can help with transportation and accompaniment so that your loved one can continue to enjoy mobility and freedom after transferring to a senior living facility.

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transparent concierge transportation services


The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when imagining activities for senior citizens is bingo. While fun, it can get old after a few sessions. There are many, many other activities that are enjoyable and interesting for senior citizens. Here are some of our top picks:

Community College Courses

Many senior citizens lead active intellectual lives. There’s no reason to stop learning! While most people think that college and university courses are for young people, there are a wide variety of courses that may be of interest to senior citizens as well.


Senior citizens have wisdom and skills that are of great value to others. Whether volunteering at a hospital, mentoring young people or serving at a soup kitchen, this is a wonderful way to spend time. Many volunteers feel a strong sense of fulfillment and achievement due to their participation.

Art Projects

Getting creative and learning new artistic abilities can be a great way to keep a senior citizen’s mental abilities sharp. In addition, activities such as painting, drawing, colouring, and other crafts provide a tangible result that’s quite satisfying.

Bike Riding

A great way to exercise without causing damage to joints is through bike riding. For those concerned about falls or keeping balanced, consider using an adult sized 3-wheel bike that can be obtained or rented.


Helping to prepare a meal can be fun and rewarding. Try picking a new recipe from a different culture. This is a great way to stretch your brain and tongue to try new tastes, techniques and ideas.

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transparent concierge transportation services


Many seniors find their limited mobility frustrating and depressing. Once active and engaged members of the community may find themselves experiencing deteriorating health, aches and pains, or a loss of vision or hearing that makes it unsafe for them to drive. Many also struggle with feeling that they are a burden to others when they ask for rides. However, with senior transportation services, this doesn’t have to be the case. The benefits of these services are many. Here are the ones that stand out to us:

Sense of Freedom

Through a senior transportation service, older adults will regain the sense of freedom they had earlier in their lives. They may be more willing to attend events and initiate activities and outings. These services give them a new sense of control in their lives.

Mental and Physical Health

The ability to have control and freedom is very important for mental and physical health. Spending time outdoors and with other people will do wonders for a person’s mood. This is possible through transportation services.


Of course, many seniors experience delayed reaction or failing eyesight that makes it unsafe for them to drive. Without an alternative many continue to drive, putting themselves and others at risk.

A quality transportation service can bring much joy and richness to a senior’s life. Whether you are a senior yourself, or a caregiver, consider making use of a senior’s transportation service to improve quality of life and happiness.

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transparent concierge transportation services

Summer months offer warmth, sunlight and blooming flowers, making the idea of spending some time outdoors attractive for seniors. For those who need to avoid the heat, there are also many indoor and cooler options appropriate for enjoying the summer. Some of our top picks and recommendations are:


This activity allows seniors to get exercise and beat the heat. It’s a safe option because it’s low-impact and friendly for those struggling with joint pain.

Outdoor Concerts and Shows

Spending time in the outdoors while enjoying concerts and special shows such as Shakespeare in the Park are great ways to get out of the house.


Many seniors enjoy visiting museums, aquariums and zoos. Visit local attractions or head over to a nearby town.


Simply walking outdoors in the early morning or evening can be very pleasant during the summer months. You’ll avoid the main heat of the day, but still get all of the benefits of exercising.


Spending time working in the garden can be very rewarding and counts as exercise too! For seniors who have trouble getting down to the garden beds, consider building raised beds.

Spending time outdoors is wonderful for mental health. Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, plays an important role in brain, bone and muscle health. Additionally, researchers believe Vitamin D improves cognitive function. Exercise is also a key point for achieving optimum physical and mental health.

Don’t let any obstacles hold you back! If you need help or companionship to participate in summer activities, contact transParent Concierge to learn about our services.

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transparent concierge transportation services

As a caregiver, it is important to know that there are various organizations, groups, and websites that can help you make informed health decisions throughout your caregiving experience. Some of these resources provide information on how to nurture your expertise and look after your body as well as your mind, while others offer financial and emotional support.

Resources that might be helpful to you as a caregiver include the following:

Caregiver Advocacy & Support Groups

  1. Carers Canada
  2. Canadian Home Care Association
  3. Family Caregiver Alliance
  4. The Caregiver Exchange
  5. The Family Caregiver
  6. Caregiving Matters
  7. Canadian Virtual Hospice

Federal Government Resources

  1.  Caregiver Assistance from the Government of Canada
  2. Information for Caregivers
  3. Service Canada – Being a Caregiver
  4. Self-Care Guide for Caregivers
  5. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Family Caregiver Tax Credit
  6. Medication Safety Checklist
  7. Emergency Preparedness
  8. Budget Calculator

If you have concerns about your ability to be your loved one’s sole caregiver, then it may be a good idea to explore Companion Care services in your area. Our team is well trained, friendly, kind, and helpful in their role as companion caregivers. To learn more, visit

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