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As a caregiver, it is important to know that there are various organizations, groups, and websites that can help you make informed health decisions throughout your caregiving experience. Some of these resources provide information on how to nurture your expertise and look after your body as well as your mind, while others offer financial and emotional support.

Resources that might be helpful to you as a caregiver include the following:

Caregiver Advocacy & Support Groups

  1. Carers Canada
  2. Canadian Home Care Association
  3. Family Caregiver Alliance
  4. The Caregiver Exchange
  5. The Family Caregiver
  6. Caregiving Matters
  7. Canadian Virtual Hospice

Federal Government Resources

  1.  Caregiver Assistance from the Government of Canada
  2. Information for Caregivers
  3. Service Canada – Being a Caregiver
  4. Self-Care Guide for Caregivers
  5. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Family Caregiver Tax Credit
  6. Medication Safety Checklist
  7. Emergency Preparedness
  8. Budget Calculator

If you have concerns about your ability to be your loved one’s sole caregiver, then it may be a good idea to explore Companion Care services in your area. Our team is well trained, friendly, kind, and helpful in their role as companion caregivers. To learn more, visit

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