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Having a pet dog can lift a senior’s mood and has even been linked to health benefits. However, this isn’t reason to run out to the pet shop and pick the first cute puppy you find. A dog intended as a senior companion should be considered carefully. Here’s our list of what to look for.

Active or Sedentary?

When considering the lifestyle of the senior you’re hoping to find a companion for, notice whether the person is active or sedentary. You’ll need to find an appropriate match. Some dogs may be too high-strung and active for quieter seniors, while others may seem too lazy. Do your research and find out what is typical for the breed.

Low Maintenance

For most seniors, it’s ideal if the dog doesn’t require frequent grooming, walks, and a lot of time outdoors. Check the breed’s grooming requirements before purchasing. Small dogs are often easier to handle and look after as they can be bathed in the sink.

Well Trained

A dog that’s already trained can save your senior a lot of headaches. The last thing you want is your senior cleaning up after a messy puppy, time after time. Older dogs that have been trained are often a great option.

Not Aggressive

You’ll want to make sure that the breed you pick isn’t typically aggressive. This way your senior can take the dog out for walks with confidence and interact with others without fear of having to control the dog.

Some great breeds to consider are Shih Tzus, Italian Greyhounds, or a Bichon Frise.

Will you need help to ensure your senior is able to safely walk the dog or enjoy an outing? Contact transParent Concierge and we’d be happy to provide accompaniment services.

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