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The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when imagining activities for senior citizens is bingo. While fun, it can get old after a few sessions. There are many, many other activities that are enjoyable and interesting for senior citizens. Here are some of our top picks:

Community College Courses

Many senior citizens lead active intellectual lives. There’s no reason to stop learning! While most people think that college and university courses are for young people, there are a wide variety of courses that may be of interest to senior citizens as well.


Senior citizens have wisdom and skills that are of great value to others. Whether volunteering at a hospital, mentoring young people or serving at a soup kitchen, this is a wonderful way to spend time. Many volunteers feel a strong sense of fulfillment and achievement due to their participation.

Art Projects

Getting creative and learning new artistic abilities can be a great way to keep a senior citizen’s mental abilities sharp. In addition, activities such as painting, drawing, colouring, and other crafts provide a tangible result that’s quite satisfying.

Bike Riding

A great way to exercise without causing damage to joints is through bike riding. For those concerned about falls or keeping balanced, consider using an adult sized 3-wheel bike that can be obtained or rented.


Helping to prepare a meal can be fun and rewarding. Try picking a new recipe from a different culture. This is a great way to stretch your brain and tongue to try new tastes, techniques and ideas.

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