Rates and Hours

We recognize the need for trustworthy and compassionate care for our seniors and those with disabilities. transParent Concierge endeavours to make our services affordable, reliable, and flexible.

TransParent Concierge specializes in companion care for seniors and people with disabilities. We are not a franchise, so we have the flexibility to tailor our pricing to our clients’ needs.

As our services are diverse, so are our price models. Because our clients’ needs vary so much, we try to tailor our pricing on a case-by-case basis. Some clients require a one-time only trip to a specialist in the city, while others require a weekly visit to their homes for companion care. Others may require to be accompanied to an initial appointment and then several follow-up appointments. Our rates vary from hourly, to daily, to bundled flat rates, depending on your needs.

We can provide quotes on transportation, companion care and concierge services any time. Please call us to chat about what you require and your budget.