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Summer months offer warmth, sunlight and blooming flowers, making the idea of spending some time outdoors attractive for seniors. For those who need to avoid the heat, there are also many indoor and cooler options appropriate for enjoying the summer. Some of our top picks and recommendations are:


This activity allows seniors to get exercise and beat the heat. It’s a safe option because it’s low-impact and friendly for those struggling with joint pain.

Outdoor Concerts and Shows

Spending time in the outdoors while enjoying concerts and special shows such as Shakespeare in the Park are great ways to get out of the house.


Many seniors enjoy visiting museums, aquariums and zoos. Visit local attractions or head over to a nearby town.


Simply walking outdoors in the early morning or evening can be very pleasant during the summer months. You’ll avoid the main heat of the day, but still get all of the benefits of exercising.


Spending time working in the garden can be very rewarding and counts as exercise too! For seniors who have trouble getting down to the garden beds, consider building raised beds.

Spending time outdoors is wonderful for mental health. Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, plays an important role in brain, bone and muscle health. Additionally, researchers believe Vitamin D improves cognitive function. Exercise is also a key point for achieving optimum physical and mental health.

Don’t let any obstacles hold you back! If you need help or companionship to participate in summer activities, contact transParent Concierge to learn about our services.

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