Care Services

TransParent Concierge offers a variety of Care Services.  The following summarizes some of our key care services however we will tailor our services to your individual needs:

Home Care

We offer in-home care to supplement government-funded home-care services.

We also work with clients who are on the Self-Managed Home Care Program, which is partially funded by the Government of Alberta. Details of this program are found here: AB Self-managed Care

Check-In Call Service

We can provide a phone call to you or your loved one, once per day, or as often as you prefer for as long as you choose. Feelings of isolation are becoming more prevalent amongst the elderly and infirm even if they are in a community living situation. We find that a friendly voice on the phone can help alleviate that stress, and ensure that there is not only a daily connection to the outside world but also a double check to ensure they are safe and sound.

In-Home Companion Care

When family and friends are not available to help out, or spend time with you, we are at your service. Whether it be an outing, playing a card game, helping with your laundry, baking cookies, or just having someone “there”, call us.

If you need someone to accompany you to an event such as a wedding or birthday party, take you to your grandchild’s soccer game, or a school concert, we are at your service.

Our team is well-trained, friendly, helpful, and obliging in their role as companion caregivers. Our staff do what they do because they want to spend time with you.


At specialist or medical appointments, we can be the extra set of ears to allow a patient to  focus on the doctor in the moment without having to try to remember what is being said. Our staff can attend an appointment and quietly take notes and/or advocate for the patient as required.


We are available for drug store and grocery pick-ups, and other errands as required. Just ask!

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