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A multigenerational household can be a wonderful experience for all involved. With ample time to learn and share with one another, this living arrangement is sure to bring lots of joys and smiles. However, it is also sure to bring its challenges. As in any family, the closeness of living space may result in arguments and challenges. Here are some tips to make the most of your multigenerational living experience.

Play Together

One of the best parts about multigenerational living is the chance for grandparents, parents, and grandchildren to spend lots of time together. While a lot of interaction is sure to happen naturally, make sure you also intentionally make time for play. Choose board games, puzzles, or other fun games that everyone can participate in and enjoy. You may also consider making a family tree, sharing old picture albums, or having a story night to encourage learning about your family’s history.

Share Chores

Make a chart of chores that everyone will help with to share responsibilities. Ensure that the activities are appropriate for each person who will complete them.

Allow for Independence

While time together is great, ensure that each person has his or her own space as well. Grandparents may grow tired of playing with active children, and parents and children also need some space of their own. Making rules such as knocking on doors or setting up quiet hours can help ensure this space is made. Take advantage of services such as transportation and companion care through transParent Concierge to ensure independence for all family members.

Family Meetings

Make time to talk about how everyone is doing and plan upcoming events together. This can be an excellent opportunity to talk about how the family deals with disagreements and how to handle emotions safely and respectfully.

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