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In Canada, seniors make up the fastest-growing age group. As life expectancy increases and the baby boomer generation continues to age, this trend isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Looking forward, caregiving and care work will become even more essential to Canadian families and communities.

“More than 13 million Canadians will at some point serve as a caregiver to family members or friends when their health fails.” ~ Kayla Wolf

Caregiving isn’t free of risks. Caregivers often face injuries, poor health, social exclusion, financial pain and burnout. It’s time we start to care about caregivers. When caregivers need it, transParent Concierge is here to help.

We specialize in companion care for seniors and persons with disabilities. Whether it be an outing, playing a card game, baking together, or just having someone there for your loved one, we are at your service.

Caregivers Need Breaks Too. Why Companion Care Benefits Caregivers:

  1. Recharge and recover if you feel overwhelmed
  2. Prevent burnout by alleviating stress and pressure
  3. Enjoy some space apart from your loved one
  4. Become more emotionally available for your loved one
  5. Take time for yourself, while your loved one has company and supervision
  6. Experience a change of pace

If you have had concerns about your ability to be your loved one’s sole caregiver, then it is likely a good idea to begin exploring Companion Care services in your area. Our team is well trained, friendly, kind, and helpful in their role as companion caregivers. To learn more, visit

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